Magic Blossom

Take an inspired stroll through a Magic Blossom garden in full bloom. Breathe deeply and drink in a sugary bouquet of gardenia, white blossoms, aloe and cucumbers that calls to mind nostalgic summer days. Let this sweet, innocent perfume blossom into a floral journey as it matures with an unexpected hint of deep intoxicating leather on your skin and see the world with renewed awe in the balance of feminine with masculine, light & dark. 

paraben-free.pngParaben-Free   phthaltae-free.pngPhthalate-Free   sulfate-free.pngSulfate-Free   organic.pngOrganic Ingredients   cruelty-free.pngCruelty-Free 
 fresh-mixed.pngFresh Mixed after Ordered   handmade.pngHandmade  fair-trade.pngFair Trade  ethically-sourced.pngEthically Sourced  vegetarian.pngVegetarian &/Or unnamed-1.pngVegan


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