New Immunity Boosting Wellness Blend!

New Immunity Boosting Wellness Blend!

Published by Jess Crocker on Mar 14th 2020

I’d like to share some of the ways we will continue to support you during this stressful uncertain time:

  • We are offering an organic essential oil Wellness Blend of eucalyptus, rosemary & orange- naturally anti-bacterial & anti-viral plant power. It may be added to any of you bath bar favorites through your Blends Option Bar.
  • We will NEVER inflate our prices to capitalize on this time of uncertainty.
  • We work with the best supply chain partners and have been in constant contact with them to ensure they’re following the best practices in the manufacturing of our products.
  • We are offering 25% off coupon code that’s useable on any of our products. Please use the code: SPRINGEQUINOX at checkout.

I know you have been flooded with info on COVID-19 & it can all be overwhelming. So here are some simple holistic ways to stay healthy during this stressful & uncertain time:

  • Take hot salt baths, detox w/ our immunity boosting Wellness Blend.
  • Get plenty of sleep. (8+ hours per night is ideal.)
  • Take your supplements & herbs.
  • Meditate. (I Love the Calm App.)
  • Eat healthy, well-balanced meals
  • Stay in & enjoy this down time & treat your self to your favorite Self Care, I love a midday Salt Bath!
  • Listen to music & read books while you Soak too! Find your peace & bliss.
  • Act of Kindness idea: offer to go pick up an elderly friend or someone w/ compromised immune system's groceries or medicine for them.

    I"m here for you! If you have any questions, concerns, or need help making the blend your mind/ body needs...  I love hearing from you & helping you customize just for you call or email anytime!

To all the MDs, nurses, emergency medicine technicians, public health officials, etc.: THANK YOU & Please STAY SAFE.

With a deep breath, a breeze of eucalyptus, rosemary & orange, and always my gratitude for you-

yours in health & wellness,

Jess Crocker
Owner & CEO

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