Published by Keseh Morgan on Aug 11th 2018

What is your Scent Symphony? + Description of our Blends 

  Smell is one of our most expressive senses. Since the beginning of time fragrance has been used to perfume the air, contest mal odors, cleanse, purify, beautify and evoke nostalgia. From the simple burning of an incense to the smell of freshly baked bread. Scents are time machines, apparition tools, mood shifters and love creators.

Fragrance is unique in that it is an experience for both the wearer and the smeller. European perfumers of the 19th century often compared creating fragrances to creating music. Musical scales consist of top, middle and base notes. Creating and combining scents is all about balance. The blending of these notes and or scents, should create a harmony around the fragrance wearer.

Determining fragrance classification has been widely debated. Here at Bath Bar by Good JuJu Apothecary we just ask that you let your primal instincts be your guide, keep harmony in mind and have some fun. For example, if its winter and you’re creating a massage oil the instinct might be to add some peppermint (top note); A wintery scent that is also cooling and reminiscent of the season. However, a wonderful symphony balance could be achieved by adding some ginger(middle note) and chocolate(base note) to your peppermint for a holiday symphony.

Inspired by nature and its abundance we welcome you to explore our plant based organic scents and let your imagination be your guide. There is no wrong combination. Indulge, create and repeat often.


Top notes are also referred to as head notes, the initial impression of the fragrance. Top notes are strong, assertive and evaporate quickly. (Eucalyptus, Lavender, Citrus, etc.)

Middle notes are commonly referred to as heart notes. The scent aspect that is well rounded and carries the body of the scent. (Ginger, Rose, Suede, etc.)

Base notes bring depth to a scent. They work to ground and enrich top and middle notes and evaporate slowly. (Amber, Musk, Tobacco, etc.)


-Aches & Pain Remedy 100% ORGANIC Essential Oil Blend- our soothing blend w/ key notes of peppermint & bay laurel.

-Anxiety Rescue 100% ORGANIC Essential Oil Blend- Calming Blend for the mind & body w/ key notes of myrtle & bergamot.

-Bug Repel 100% ORGANIC Essential Oil Blend w/key notes of citronella & lemongrass.

-Dr. Mama Remedy 100% ORGANIC Essential Oil Blend of Skin Soothing lavender & chamomile. (Safe for babies & pregnancy).

-Stress & Headache Remedy 100% ORGANIC Essential Oil Blend w key notes of high altitude lavender & peppermint.

-Hormone Balance Remedy 100% ORGANIC Essential Oil Blend w/ key notes of geranium rose & clary sage.

-Sinus & Virus Remedy 100% ORGANIC Essential Oil Blend w/ key notes of eucalyptus & cypress.

-Sleep Remedy 100% ORGANIC Essential Oil Blend- our magical soothing blend w/ key notes of lavender, chamomile & sandalwood.

Amazing Grace Type- sparklingly fresh floral-white musk blend.

Angel- vanilla, chocolate, peach and berry, sandalwood.

Beach Goddess- tropical vacation vibes.

Bon Bini- exotic feels of a tropical vacay in clouds of coconut, tuberose and fresh greens, w/ sensuality of jasmine and clean musk.

China Lily- a blend of China Musk w/ fresh air, lily of the valley, jasmine & spicy hyacinth.

China Musk- a blend powder-light musk, Chinese rose, citrus, vanilla & amber spice.

China Rain- green, white lilies, Chinese roses, clean musk, sandalwood, moss, soft powdery finish.

Comela- seasonal limited timed scent- A sweet and spicy aphrodisiac blend that will seduce your senses w/ pumpkin & cinnamon, apple, vanilla, lavender & clove.

Dolce & Gabana Light Blue Man Type

Dragon- earthy, masculine scent w/ a hint of spice. Reminiscent of dark woods & mystery.

Ed Hardy Man Type

Graceful- bergamot, grapefruit, orange blossom, rose, freesia, jasmine, & white musk.

Havana- tobacco leaf & crushed cocoa beans reminiscent of old Havana glamour.

Himalaya- sensuous unisex blend of exotic woods, Indian cedar, Himalayan blue pine, cashmere musk, Indian amber, & mandarin.

Hippy Hipster- inspired by the 60's sandalwood and dry cedar tones.

Jade Iris- lavender jade stone, crystalline aroma of dew-kissed iris, rose petals, pink grapefruit, heliotrope, & warm woods.

Jamaican Me Crazy- a strong blend, full of wild fruits, cherries, coconuts, bananas, mangos and more.

Lazy Daze- dreamy lavender and vanilla.

Lovely Type- nectarine, bergamot, woodsy rosewood, lavender, white narcissus, orchid, patchouli, white amber, cedar, woodsy notes & white musk.

Magic Blossom- sweet floral blend with key notes of gardenia, white blossoms & a narcotic twist to transport you to a Magic Blossom garden.

Mandarina Orchid- blossoming citrus groves, dewy fresh spring florals, mandarin blossoms, wild Madagascar orchid, white jasmine, rose de mai flowers, rare white tea leaf & woodsy-moss.

MatchPoint- contemporary masculine, Italian bergamot, ruby grapefruit, crisp apple, plum blossoms, geranium, pink peppercorn infuse vigor and masculinity, Jamaican rum, blond woods, sheer musk and vanilla.

Mermaid- aura of ocean breezes with cool ozone top notes, fresh fruit accords & soft, spicy carnation & rose.

Myrrh Mystique- unisex blend of armoise, origanum, spruce, lavender, violet, ylang ylang, myrrh, vanilla & tonka bean.

Pom Star- sweet pomegranate oil with green tea, Italian citrus and herbs and sexy musk for a sensual tart burst of fresh & sexy that reminds us of are deepest youthful desires.

Princess Type- lady apple, golden apricot skin, pink guava, dark chocolate, warm vanilla, amber & wild tuberose.

Rain Forest- earthy, green & fresh. herbaceous, citrus, jasmine hyacinth, Oriental musk & precious wood.

Royal Creme- blend of mandarin, cassis, muguet, rose petals, green apple, crisp green accords, musk, creamy vanilla & patchouli.

Sun Showers- citrus, freesia, lily of the valley & pink peony.

Tea Thyme- crisp green tea, Italian citrus, herbs, soft florals, sensual woods & musk.

Tranquility- promotes a relaxing environment w/ notes of apple, pear, geranium, chamomile, lotus flower, patchouli & musk.

Vintage- (100% natural fragrance) masculine & rustic cedar and spruce essential oils, with subtle accords of calming geranium, lavender, spirited orange, and guiacwood. The finishing touch is bright hints of black pepper.

Ylang Allure- (100% natural fragrance) ylang ylang essential oil, cedar, citrus, and creamy spice notes of West Indian sandalwood, vanillin, patchouli and resin for a complex, sultry, and lush aroma.

Zen Milk- Rich deep notes of amber and musk, a hint of floral from a Japanese garden, sensual vanilla and cream. Zen Milk has topped our charts since it was launched.

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