Kyra Sedgwick:

Emmy and Golden Globe Award Winning Actress, Mother, Wife

These products rock!

I really love the fact that I can Create My Own Fragrance but I'm also a major fan of the Zen Milk...anything! Lotion, Sugar Scrub, Body Mist, Perfume.

It's a super sexy scent, and products that are earth friendly and not petroleum based are the only kind I use. They give you deep down moisture and fragrance bliss you can't get enough of!

Mary McDonnell:

Two Time Oscar Nominated Actress: Dances with Wolves/Battlestar Galactica/The Closer

I LOVE my BATH BAR products. There is an absolutely magical synthesis of dreamy delicious intoxicating smells and healing comforting herbs.

These products will soothe and inspire you through any day. A winner for sure!!!!

Kristina Vogel has created a must have!!!!!

Rachel Bilson:

Actress, Entrepreneur, Animal Activist

I am thrilled to have found Bath Bars body care and custom fragrance line! The Be Free Body Wash, Butter Me Up Lotion and the Organic Sugar Daddy Body Scrub really keep my skin looking beautiful and I love the Zen Milk Fragrance.

I also feel really good about using them because of the natural, organic and cruelty free ingredients.

Thank you Kristina!

Annalynne McCord:

Actress, Fighting To End Human Trafficking, Go Getter

These products are the best! I love that I have the option to create and personalize my own fragrance, however I adore the seductive scent of Zen Milk. My favorite products would have to be the Make Me A Star Body Lotion, The Be Free Body Wash, and the Organic Sugar Daddy Body Scrub. These products provide my skin with hydration and nourishment while leaving my entire body gleaming with radiance!

Shenae Grimes:

I love these new products! I’m obsessed with Pom Star, one of Bath Bar’s signature scents. The aroma of pomegranate, tea and amaretto is to-die-for! I love all of the products offered in this scent but one of my favorite products offered at Bath Bar is the Make Me a Star Body Lotion. I love the subtle shimmer in the lotion; it makes my skin glow with radiance, while the rich Shea Butter and Aloe provide long lasting moisture and nourishment.

Great job, Kristina! Thank you for providing not only a quality product line, but also one that is natural and earth-friendly.

Jessica Lowndes:

I’m crazy about Bath Bar products and everything Bath Bar has to offer. I’m addicted to sweet and scrumptious scents, and with Bath Bar I have the ability to create and combine my very own delicious fragrance. Birthday Cake and Angel Cake are definite staples for me, smelling delectable when paired with any fruity aroma. One of my favorite products is the Organic Sugar Daddy Scrub. The organic cane sugar lifts away dead cells and deeply moisturizes my skin allowing it to be silky smooth… and my custom Birthday Cake infused with Juicy Peach fragrance leaves me smelling absolutely mouthwatering! These products are a must-have. Thank you Kristina!

Jessica Stroup:

Actress, Music Lover, Animal Lover

Bath bar is one of those rare lines that not only suits your personal tastes, but also leaves you and your skin fresher than ever. I had the pleasure of being introduced to the line and immediately started picking out my favorite scent. Since you can create any combination of scents from their wide range, I chose a few... My new must have is "island orchid and blue musk."
The best part? You can get roll on perfume, seriously sumptuous body lotion AND a body mister!! AHHH... finally, my own personal scent, in 3 long lasting products! :)
Thanks Bath Bar!

Katie Cassidy:


Love these awesome products! Not only do they make my skin feel amazingly soft but also I smell delicious! I have been using the Zen Milk fragrance in the Be Free Body Wash, The Aloe Bout You Body Balm and The Moisturize Me Body Mist, to name a few. I would recommend these products to everyone. You can also create your own fragrance in any product. Which is so different and fun!

Thanks So Much Kristina!

Carly Chaikin:

Actress, Fashionista

So obsessed with Bath Bar!!! Kristina has created some of the most amazing bath and body products I have ever used. I couldn't live without the Zen Milk Lotion and the Roll on Perfume. As if her stuff couldn't get any better, the fact that it's Natural, Organic and Cruelty Free, just puts my love for her line over the top!

Corey Reynolds:

Actor, Comic Relief

Need Something for yourself?...Bath Bar
Need Something for your wife?.... Bath Bar
Need a gift for a friend?...Bath Bar
Honestly, this place has something for everyone.
Just make sure you save some for me!

Tony Denison:


This is the first time I've ever written a testimonial for a product so please bear with me as I try to hit the salient points. There are several reasons why I'm endorsing these products, least of which is the fact that Kristina created two fragrances for me, Tony's #1 and The Tony D. Oh who am I kidding, I must admit having this distinction is pretty cool. Anyway, the products that I've been using are great; the All of Me Hair and Body Wash, The Cologne Mist and most especially the Shave Butter. I've been using a shave brush for nearly twenty-five years and this is without a doubt the best shave cream I've ever tried. If like me you use a shave brush, or even if you don't, then you must try this product. In addition to producing a rich beard softening lather, the fragrance stays with you long after the shave. So whether you try my fragrances or you design your own fragrance from the large selection offered, give these products a try I know you'll enjoy.

Joni Powell:

Emmy Nominated Hollywood Makeup Artist

I am often asked by beauty editors what my new favorite products are for "Best Beauty Buys" and have been quoted in various beauty publications such as Allure, InStyle and Elle to name a few. I am proud to include Bath Bar among one of my favorite new products lines!

I use all of Bath Bar's lotions on my actress's because they are so emollient and luxurious and make there skin look beautiful on camera.

It's so fun to pick and choose which scents will go together to create a fragrance all your own. Such a unique experience!

I especially like the "Make me a star " Shimmery Body Lotion ... and the Butter Me Up body lotion due to the fact they have Shea butter in them.

But for an extra rich creamy treat or dryer skin I use the Italian Dreams Cream!! Scrumptious!

I'm Pleased to have added Bath Bar as a staple to my beauty routine and my makeup kit!

Desne Holland:

Hollywood Make-Up Artist, Entrepreneur

I am in love with these new products! I have been soaking in the 'Hydrating No-Tox Rocks' after a long hard day! What a treat! I also love the 'Organic Sugar Daddy Body Scrub'. My favorite scent so far has to be the 'Magic Blossom', I cannot live without it!

I know this product is made with love and my skin just rejoices!

Thank you Kristina!!! You Rock!

Laura Lynn Ford:

Hi Kristina:
I had to drop you an email to tell you that I received all my goodies today, and I couldn't be happier !!
I read about your site on a Tweet from Kyra Sedgwick and it peaked my curiosity. Your site is terrific and the concept of "designing" one's own special scent was a novel idea, to say the least. Although somewhat intimidated ( I wanted EVERYTHING), I jumped in the bath water so to speak and ordered my bubble bath with Plumeria and Pink Jasmine. I must say that although you can't experience the scents through a PC, the descriptions you provided were perfect !!
Tonight I experienced it for myself. It's sooooo divine!!! And my Lazy Daze Body Mist is sensuous and playful at the same time! What can I say?
Thank you so much for the wonderful samples too..... I may never leave my house.... I just want to spoil myself with these luxurious products !
Well that's all the adjectives I can think of to express to you that I am one happy customer. And these days with economic meltdowns and 'fear' of possible terrorist threats (I live in NY and work in the financial industry), it's comforting to know that there are still business-savvy people out there who have great ideas and the work they create is a labor of love.
I definitely will be back for more and will seek your advice on new creations for myself and friends who will appreciate your quality and service. I knew I had a winner when I received your handwritten note -- a lost art indeed.
Thank you again!!

Liz Briseno:

Hollywood Make-Up Artist

I have recently purchased the Bath Bar Organic Sugar Daddy Body Scrub.
The best part was being able to make my own scent.

The scrub is amazing and made with good quality ingredients like organic sugar and honey. It's rich and thick and after I use it my body actually feels really soft and moisturized just from the scrub.
The fragrance I created smells so fresh, It's exactly what I wanted! I just love it!

Stacey K. Black:

Hollywood Mover and Shaker (and Shimmerer) :-)

filmmaker/singer/songwriter/Hair goddess/plumber
(Just kidding, I don't plumb)

How do I love Bath Bar? Let me count the ways!

Seriously, these products are amazing! I personally love to smell delicious. My favorite fragrance mix is Vanilla and Orange, and Kristina mixed me up a sugar scrub, Make Me A Star Body Wash, and Make Me A Star Body Lotion, in my signature scent.

The sugar scrub is so luxurious, and it's better than any other sugar scrub I've used, because the sugar is organic, and the essential oils, and it's not at all rough on my skin. It leaves me soft and smooth and smelling sweet!

The lotion is my favorite because it adds a touch of shimmer. I like to smell sweet and shimmer. And Bath Bar makes them both possible!

Thank you Kristina! Long live Bath Bar!!!!

Kathleen Crawford:

Make-Up Artist, Skin Care Expert, Entrepreneur

I've been a makeup artist for film and television for 26 years and I haven't yet found more luxurious body care products than Bath Bar.

The Zen Milk signature scent is absolutely divine! I use the body lotions and shower gel on a daily basis and my skin feels years younger! The roll on perfume combined with the lotions have fetched me many compliments! Strangers have literally stopped me on the street to ask me what my perfume is. I've also created my own custom scents, which are nothing short of amazing!

The process is very easy and you end up with a scent that is all your own. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bath Bar products and highly recommend everyone to try them! They have become a staple in my bathroom, purse, desk, kitchen, makeup kit, nightstand and anywhere else I can stash them! They also make fantastic gifts when looking for something special and unique. I am hooked!

Thank you Bath Bar for creating such beautiful, intoxicating products!!!

Michele Tyminski:

Bad Ass Beauty and Effects Hollywood Make-Up Artist!

The Be Free Body Wash is my favorite! The steam in the shower really seems to release each of the notes in my signature fragrance that Kristina at Bath Bar perfected for me!

It makes my bathroom smell amazing! I smell Amazing too especially after I dab on the perfume that was made for me in the same scent!

Terrie V. Owen:

Emmy award winning Hairstylist

I came to Kristina, Creator of Bath Bar with some seriously dry skin issues. She custom blended some Smoothing Me Softly Body Polish and the Aloe Bout You Body Balm. After just one weekend of use I'm seriously softer and much smoother thanks to Bath Bar! Also I appreciate the fact that the ingredients are Eco-friendly, not tested on animals, have no icky parabens and stuff I can't pronounce. That's the first thing I look for in high end products, and Bath Bar delivers!

Mary Stultz:

Hair to Hollywood Stars

Have you ever thought "I wish this smelled a little more like lemon or vanilla or gardenia or whatever? Or even had a little more or less oil?". Well your wish has come true !!! With bath bar, you are the chemist. The web site is user friendly and easy to navigate. So have fun being creative or selecting one of the fabulous blends already created! I really love the Organic Tuscan Sun Body Lotion! I feel good about using something that makes my skin feel amazing and is healthy for me.
I love it :-}