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Splish, splash I was taking a bath...

If you can't look like a star, smell like one. Nobody actually said that but it's possible with the launch of a new Bath Bar collection by L.A.'s award-winning, super star makeup artist Kristina Vogel.

Kristina's collection of washes, lotions, soaks, scrubs, mists & roll-on perfumes come in four sensuous signature scents guaranteed to motivate the mojo and send the libido into over-drive.

Bath Bar products are ideal for those self-indulgent moments when you just want to soak in the warm tub and then slathered sexy scented creams all over your body. Better yet, have your partner do the body work.

"My business evolved out of a personal need to enjoy soothing down time after a long day on the movie or TV set, often spent in locations far from my home," explains Kristina Vogel, founder of Los Angeles-based Bath Bar who has been working as a Celebrity Makeup Artist for film and TV for two decades. "I began to really appreciate coming back to my hotel room to soak in a long hot bath with a few key fragranced bath oils and salts that I mixed myself, and letting my tired muscles and body relax in the inviting, therapeutic water. It relieved me but also calmed my mind and gave me the inspiration to create my own fragrance and bath line. This is the experience I want women to look forward to when using Bath Bar... A way to invigorate or let go of daily stress, dream a little, and enjoy the simple pleasures in life."

Her heavenly signature scents include Lazy Daze, Magic Blossom, Zen Milk and Pom Star. Zen Milk is sexy musk with a hint of floral, vanilla and sugar; Magic Blossom is fresh, narcotic-like gardenia; Lazy Daze is dreamy lavender and vanilla; and Pom Star is Pomegranate Tea and Amaretto.

According to Kristina, Rachel Bilson and Kyra Sedgwick love her Aloe Bout You Body Balm in Zen Milk fragrance that sells for $24.50 and the Roll-On Perfume in Zen Milk fragrance that is favored by Katie Cassidy and Carly Chaikin costs $29. She says that Dana Delaney's pet product, Be Free Body Wash in Lazy Daze fragrance will run you $23.50.

According to Kristina, Katie Cassidy "can't live without" the Organic Sugar Daddy Body Scrub in Pom Star fragrance that costs $30.50.

For a fee of only $2.50, Bath Bar will create a personal fragrance for you and send a sample in a small perfume tester tubeFor more information about Bath Bar products or Kristina Vogel, visit the website at or call 310-379-4297 or e-mail

While no movie star or celebrity, your LA Beauty Products Examiner loves the entire collection. Just wish we could put one of the scratch-off sniff testers here so you could smell it for yourself.


Vogel says she chose the location because of its spectacular ocean-view location, proximity to many great stores, restaurants, and shopping, and because Hermosa Beach is a community that attracts lots of athletes, beach-goers, and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to selling perfumes, lotions, washes, bubbles, salts, mists/sprays and scrubs, the store will offer candles, jewelry and bath accessories.

Bath Bar opens June 1, 2012 at 205 Pier Ave. (corner of Pier and Manhattan Avenues) in Hermosa Beach. It'ss about 5 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport and 18 miles southwest of downtown Los Angeles. For more information about Bath Bar products, the retail store, or Kristina Vogel, visit, call 310-379-4297 or e-mail
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Speaking of pampering yourself, a few months back I was contacted by Bath Bar and asked if I'd like to try out their products. Of course, I gladly accepted and was thrilled to receive sample size soaps and lotions in the Zen Milk, Pom Star, and Lazy Daze scents. All of which are magical! Pom Star, made of pomegranate, tea and amaretto, is my absolute favorite though. It's one of those scents that after you apply it, you can't help but repeatedly smell your skin.

Developed by Kristina Vogel, a Hollywood makeup artist with 18 years of experience, Bath Bar was created with the goal of paying your skin extra attention with quality, environmentally conscience products, AND the company is cruelty-free. Bonus! I can unwind under those conditions.

If you are in the market for new products and like ordering online, give Bath Bar a try! The sample sizes are a great way to test the products and figure out your perfect scent. You can get both a body wash and balm for only $6.50. Or, create a customized fragrance! Yup, select up to three scents that will be combined to make your very own soak, scrub, perfume, or even men's product. Pretty awesome, right? I think these would make great Christmas gifts.

Be sure to check out the Bath Bar site and browse all of the goodies they have to offer!
Kim Greene Makeup

I was on the set at Warner Brothers the other day working as a day checker on a really cute show called Hart of Dixie. My good friend Joni Powell is the Department Head. I love day checking because I can do fun makeups on lots of different faces. There's a lot of "hurry up and wait" on sets and it can be a great time to catch up with friends. My ears perked up when I heard Kristina Vogel talking about vanilla and sugar. I thought she was talking about cookies and I wanted in on that conversation! Turns out she was talking about her custom blend of bath and body products called Bath Bar. Well, other than discussing recipes, my other favorite conversations are about beauty products. So of course I needed to hear all about it and now I want to share it with you.

Kristina has a store in Hermosa Beach CA but she also has an on line store that delivers all over. Her detailed descriptions of her custom blend fragrances make you feel like you are actually smelling them. Bath Bar has a variety of washes, lotions, scrubs, soaks and so much more, and over 100 different fragrances to choose from.

Here are a couple of examples of how her descriptions make it easy to order on line. "Coco Mango: This mouthwatering coco mango blend offers a heavenly mix of juicy mango and creamy coconut, enhanced with refreshing pineapple, sparkling orange and sweet jasmine petals. A luscious island aroma to offer a guilt free getaway."

"Gardenia: The Queen of tropical flowers reveals the exquisite aroma of rich, velvety gardenia accords highlighted by fresh green leaves and softened with hints of creamy vanilla. She also has the basics including Vanilla, Sugar, Mint, Lavender and Musk to name a few. You can mix and match to create your own unique fragrance. Fun!

I can be very sensitive to certain candles and perfumes so I wasn't sure how I would react to her products. I tried one of her lotions. It smelled really good. And felt really good. I waited for the sneezing to start and...nothing! I went on to smell some of her oils from these little tubes she had brought to the set for us to try. Still no sneezing. Her fragrances are very pure and clean. She and her team mix them with all natural products that are cruelty free, natural, paraben free and biodegradable.

I'll be ordering the Organic Sugar Daddy Body Scrub in Vanilla and Sugar. And the Be Free Body Wash in 'Champagne'. What's your favorite fragrance?!