About Us

Welcome to Bath Bar! My name is Kristina Vogel and I am passionate about make-up, skincare, and relaxation. Bath Bar was created in the hopes that my blending experts and I would entice you with smelly goodness and pamper your skin to silky softness while leaving you thirsty for more!

As a leading Hollywood makeup artist for the past 18 years, I have encountered all types of skin, and all kinds of stresses. My actors and many other women have helped me get a sense of what people really want and love in skin care/body care.

One of my favorite ways of un-winding, is to indulge in a hot bath or shower, using salts or bubbles that I have hand-crafted myself, adding my favorite fragrances and essentials oils. I also started mixing up a variety of lotions, scrubs and perfume products, and was so happy with how my products made my skin feel; I started giving specially blended gifts to my friends and actors, based on their favorite fragrances. The feedback has been so positive, I decided I must share my "Bath Bar" custom fragrance products with everyone!

Inspired by my interest in healthy living and the environment, I can treat you to body care formulated with natural, biodegradable, paraban free, cruelty free, and depending on your product choice, organic ingredients. All products can be custom scented for each shopper with my fun cocktails of fragrances.

Although our retail location is located in Hermosa Beach, CA, my online store is geographically accessible to everyone! Come in to our HB store and I will mix custom-blended cocktails of bath products with your favorite scents. We have a variety of washes, lotions, scrubs, soaks and so much more, and over 175 different fragrances to choose from. My packaging is spare, recyclable and reusable so if you bring your empty bottles and jars back to the store, I will refill them at a discount!

By visiting this online store, you will see how easy it is to use the "Virtual Mixologist" to create personal bath products made especially for you, or gifts for your friends and loved ones. Be sure to check out the "Gift Certificate" area, where you can order a gift online, and your lucky recipient will be invited via email to visit BathBar.com, where they can mix away to their hearts content, all the while singing you generous praises. Easy and convenient for you, personal and special for your friends. What could be better?

At Bath Bar we are committed to providing superior bath and body care made with natural ingredients, plus original, authentic fragrances to help you create your very own signature line of personal care products. We strive to provide superior customer service as well as a mixologist expert to assist you. Think of us as your local couture bath product and fragrance store!

I hope you enjoy your experience at BathBar.com, and find many pleasures and stress relieving solutions in your signature scent. If you're ever in the South Bay, come in for a fragrance cocktail! I'll mix it up myself.